Monday , March 18th 2019
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Best Portable Generator Reviews

Buying a portable generator can prove to be a difficult task if you are not technically savvy. Even if you know a thing or two about how generators work, you will still find it difficult to obtain the right one for your needs. This is because there are so many styles, types and brands out there that range in watts, features, and design. If you are looking to buy a portable generator for your home use, camping activities, or for your job site, follow this guide for the best portable generator reviews to pick the ideal product for you.

Consider the right size of generator you need

Generators come in different sizes and designs. It is important to select the machine that can power your electronics the way you want. Generally, bigger generators have higher watts. Estimate the level of watts you may need by determining the total power capacity of all your electronic gadgets (that is, if you will want to power all your electronics with the generator). You can determine your home power needs by looking at the label of each electronic item you want to power. Add up their watts and multiply by 1.5 to determine the size of generator you need (you need to multiply by 1.5 because most appliances would need an extra power to start up).

What are the most common features of the best portable generators?

If you are looking to buy the ideal portable generator, look to find some of the features below.

  • Pneumatic wheels: for easier transportation, most high-quality portable generators have wheels that will help users roll them over rugged terrain
  • Muffler: Good portable generators have mufflers that help lessen the noise. Find out if the generator has SuperSilencer Muffler. If it has, then it is even better for you because the noise will be drastically reduced.
  • OHV Engine: Most high-quality portable generators have overhead Valve engines that ensure quieter running, greater fuel efficiency, longer run times, and longer life.
  • Lager fuel tanks: Larger fuel tanks mean that your generator can have uninterrupted run times for a long time.
  • Control Panel: The best generators have control panels that protect the machine against debris, dust, dirt, and rain.

Before deciding to buy a portable generator, you should have an idea of its features and how best to use the generator. If you are considering a portable generator, setup is usually easy. Ensure that the exhaust port is pointing outwards from your house and is not close to your house openings and windows. Do not run your portable generator inside your building because it generates carbon monoxide-a toxic substance that is very poisonous and can kill when inhaled extensively. Most generators come with user guidelines, so you need to read the guideline carefully to get yourself acquainted with the usability and safety measures.

Once you have placed the generator at the right position, fill up the tank with the right amount of gas and oil recommended in the manual. You can then pull the recoil cord or simply press the start-up button, depending on the features of your generator. Connect the power socket to the power outlet of your generator to power on your appliances.

Overall, before you buy your portable generator make sure you know the right amount of watts and have certain features in mind. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong generator which will not meet your specific power generating needs.