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The Benefits of a Standby Generator

The Benefits of a Standby GeneratWhat would happen if the power went off in your home or business? For many households and businesses, they would wait it out, use candles or gas and hope that the power comes back in a few hours or days. For the lucky ones with a standby generator, there is isn’t hesitation. The diesel generator immediately kicks in within a few seconds and there would be no interruption to your current lifestyle. If you want the quality of life and reliable power then a diesel standby generator is your best bet.

In South Africa and other struggling countries, blackouts are nothing new. South Africa has suffered due to the lack of future planning on the part of the government. Currently, the government has promised to build three new power stations but sadly that may only materialize within the next five to ten years.

Millions of homes and businesses are plunged into darkness for hours at a time. Family bath and cooking times are often disrupted because of the constant back and forth of the “load shedding schedule” imposed by the current government and ESKOM, the national power provider. Businesses have lost millions in revenue, and it has had a significant impact on the economic performance of the country as a whole.


There are many big branded petrol and diesel-powered generators like Generac, Briggs, and Stratton. These companies have promised to increase the quality and production of their generators which can power a home nonstop for a few days, but these sophisticated machines also cost up to $20 000 installed, and some are the size of a small vehicle.

So what are Standby Generators?

Standby Generators offer a robust solution to extended power outages. Unlike small portable generators, they are installed on a concrete pad in your backyard and will provide power for a few days. This is because they’re connected directly to your home or business power supply, but they are fuelled by a limited amount of diesel or gas.

So how do they work?

The smart idea behind the operation of the generator is that it disconnects you from your main power supply and relays it to your standby generator after detecting an interruption in service. Normally petrol or diesel is used but this supply of fuel is limited and will only last as long as its capacity that is a few days.

When the power resumes, the generator shuts down and reconnects your home back to the power grid. This easy operation makes standby generators ideal for families and small businesses. This also works well for hospitals as they are crucial for saving lives.

Installation Tips

When installing a new generator make sure to hire a professional to do the job. The benefits of doing things right will outweigh the cost. Installing a standby generator is not a small job. Ensure that you have a skilled plumber and electrician to do the job and because of the issues, the installation can be costly.


Like any mechanical machine, they cost money to maintain, so they have to be kept like any car. After using your generator for 24 hours or more, it would be best to give it a service. It’s always best to check and change the oil from time to time.

Here’s A Good Example

Generac 6248

Generac 6248

The Generac 6248 is an affordable, 24/7 home standby power source that provides up to 17,000 watts of power. Within seconds of a power outage, it automatically backs up essential circuits, including refrigerators, well pumps and select appliances. Lightweight, compact design allows for easier installation. Controller features 50% more annunciation. It comes pre-wired with just about everything that you will need.

Runs on LP or natural gas. Mobile Link and Local Monitor compatible (neither included). Mounting Pad: Yes, Start Type: Automatic, Enclosure: Galvaneal steel, Transfer Switch: 50A pre-wired 8-circuit, Rated Watts LP (kW): 7, Fuel Type: Liquid propane, natural gas, Volts: 120/240, Safety Alerts: Yes, Engine: Generac OHV, Engine Displacement (cc): 420, Rated Watts NG (kW): 6, Rated Watts (kW): 7 LP/6 NG, Auto Shutdown: Yes, Noise Level (dB): 67, Engine Cooling: Air cooled, Battery Included: No, Amps: 29.2/25, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 36 x 27 x 25, Phase: Single, UL Listed: Yes, Battery Required: Yes


  • See the full details at Amazon
  • Includes 50-amp pre-wired transfer switch with 8-circuit load center
  • Durable Galvaneal steel enclosure
  • Install as close as 18in. to home as certified by NFPA standards or directed by local codes
  • Runs on LP or natural gas
  • Mobile Link and Local Monitor compatible (neither included)